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Made of Stainless Steel AISI 303.

Head that reproduces the implat system joint. Gentle retaining area to easily position the soft gum in the working model.

Effective circuit and self-locking cross retainers that, inside the plaster, provide extraordinary embedding even in cases of abutment drilling on model. Its descrete size means that analogs can be easily fitted, despite the implants being close together or not parralel. 

Analogue compatible with Conelog®

Platformen NP (3.3)/ RP(3.8)/ WP(5.0)


  • Analogue NP compatible with Canelog

    Analogue NP

    Ref. 14.074 |
    Analogue NP 3.3

    12,00 €

    Price w.o. VAT and shipment

  • Analogue RP compatible with Conelog

    Analogue RP

    Ref. 14.075 |
    Analogue RP 3.8

    13,00 €

    Price w.o. VAT and shipment

  • Analogue WP compatible with Conelog

    Analogue WP

    Ref. 14.076 |
    Analogue WP 5.0

    13,00 €

    Price w.o. VAT and shipment